Sidewalk and Driveway Cleaning

A house isn’t just four walls and a roof. It’s more than a building – It’s the place that you call home. Mike’s Pressure Washing helps your property project and maintain a clean, welcoming atmosphere. Whether you’re standing on the curb or at the front door, we promise that “WOW!” reaction when your using our House Washing service.


Time to Treat Your Concrete?

“Grease-stained driveway” and “curb appeal” don’t pair well together, and neither do “gum-covered sidewalk” and “great first impression.” But without professional concrete cleaning services, your property’s surfaces will wear down. And it shows.

When customers are exploring why concrete cleaning matters, our technicians always introduce them to a few important points:

  • Dirty concrete hurts curb appeal

    Your sidewalk and driveway are the entry point to your property. It’s important for it to look great to set the stage for a great business or home.
  • Dirty concrete is a safety hazard

    Slips and falls are the #1 reason for emergency room visits each year - so why risk it? We remove the slippery buildup that prompts these kinds of accidents.
  • Dirty concrete won’t last
    A sidewalk or driveway replacement project is a hassle - and an expensive one. Regular service prevents erosion, cracking, and other issues that create the need for major repairs.

Pressure washing is the best solution to dirty concrete, but it’s important to always choose trained, trusted professionals to do the job.

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Superior Sidewalk and Driveway Cleaning

Our customers rely on sidewalks and driveways. They provide that connection - from road to vehicle to front door. We use pressure washing to bring out the best in your concrete, and to prepare it to last for the long run.

Mike’s Pressure Cleaning employs power washing technology that sends hot, pressurized, high-volume water and cleaner to remove stains and buildup. We have rigorously high standards, so customers always know that our equipment and cleaners are the industry’s best. With our tools and techniques, technicians deliver:

  • Stain and buildup removal from grease, oil, gum, dirt, and other fluids
  • Improved durability with concrete that won’t lose its quality
  • Clean curb appeal that enhances your home or business
  • Better safety by removing dangerous and slip-triggering buildup

Our cleaners penetrate into your concrete’s porous surface to remove stains and buildup, and our cleaning process provides a sealant that discourages wear and tear. Mike’s Pressure Cleaning is committed to the long-term capability of your concrete - and our power washing service secures it.

Concrete driveway and barn on ranch

Your Concrete Cleaning Experts

Our goal is to make your sidewalk and driveway stand out - and do make the entire process seamless for our customers. We provide honest, convenient, and quality services that you can always count on. When Mike’s Pressure Cleaning is on the job, you will always receive:

  • Transparency and Integrity

    We are proud to have long-term relationships with the customers we serve. So you’ll always get complete honesty, open communication, and integrity from every member of our team.
  • Innovative technology and techniques

    Not all pressure washing is created equal. We bring the best in the industry to your property - from the methods we utilize to the equipment and cleaning solutions that we use.
  • Consistent quality

    No one wants to second guess whether they’re getting the best. Every service includes rigorous quality control practices to ensure that you are getting the most out of your pressure washing service.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
    We want our customers to feel confident choosing Mike’s Pressure Cleaning. We 100% guarantee all of our work - and if you aren’t happy with your sidewalk cleaning or driveway cleaning solution, we’ll make it right.

The Value Of A Clean DrivewaY

Accident prevention, secure curb appeal, improved concrete quality and longevity - the benefits of our sidewalk and driveway cleaning service are far-reaching. We help commercial customers comply with health and safety regulations, and we provide realtor-ready results that make your property look well-maintained and ready to last.

Property managers and real estate agencies would agree: A great first impression starts from the property line. With a clean driveway and sidewalk, you’re giving your property that extra boost it needs to stand out.

From the instant perk of curb appeal to the long-term quality and safety benefits, Mike’s Pressure Cleaning is proud to help your property succeed. Get more mileage - and a better first impression - out of your sidewalk or driveway!

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