Industrial Pressure Washing

Working on strict schedule? Leave the Industrial Cleaning maintenance work to us. Mike’s Pressure Cleaning checks one item off your to-do list with our industrial cleaning services.

Industrial Cleaning

We Invest in Your Success

When you manage an industrial property, you’re juggling a range of interconnected responsibilities: You need to keep your workplace working efficiently, to meet building and safety requirements, to deliver the best quality, and to reach your target profit margins.

It can feel like a tall order when you don’t have support. But that’s where Mike’s Pressure Cleaning can help. Our team is your specialized source for industrial cleaning that you can count on. We know what it takes to make your property successful… And we’re proud to be a part of that success.

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Our Industrial Cleaning Solutions

When you choose Mike’s Pressure Cleaning for your industrial services, you’re getting the best technicians, the best equipment, and the best cleaners. You’re getting solutions that have sticking power. You’re getting the best. We provide:

Concrete Cleaning

Our team uses a cutting-edge pressure washing system to lift away grime, dirt, and other buildup from your surfaces.

Floor Cleaning

We keep your workplace safe and professional through our power washing service. From dust to grease, we remove it all.

Pressure Washing

Every industrial site is different. We apply our expertise - and advanced cleaning technology - to clean anything that you need to be in prime condition.

Equipment Cleaning

We keep one of the most integral parts of your property working smoothly, efficiently, and reliably. Our cleaning services stretch the lifetime and power of your equipment.

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We Bring Out the Best In Your Property

Every industrial property is a melting pot of activity. Our job is to meet your interconnected needs surrounding the safety, professional image, and quality of your workplace. We provide that with industrial cleaning solutions that deliver:

Industrial Cleaning2


We complement your commitment to a safe working environment with our cleaning solutions. Mike’s Pressure Cleaning targets our industrial property services to make your space a safe, secure place to get the job done. That means removing slip-and-fall risks and compromising buildup.

Dependable quality

Code Compliance

Our team takes the health and safety of your worksite seriously. All of our services are designed to address the requirements imposed by local and national lawmakers to ensure that your business has all of the tools in place that it needs to succeed.

Leading Technology


You might have tight timelines and hectic workdays - but we make sure that, despite your busy schedule, your workplace projects a clean, professional image.

Optimized Results


You want to get the services you need, when you need them. We deliver solutions that align with your busy schedule to minimize disruption to your workflow.

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The Benefits of A Better Industrial Cleaning Source

Our customers just don’t have time for service that isn’t exceptional. We’ve been working in the region for years, and we know exactly what your property needs to stay on track.

When you get professional industrial cleaning solutions, you can count on:

Industrial Cleaning3
  • Reduced risk of slip and fall accidents.
    Slips and falls are one of the leading reasons for emergency room visits each year - and the medical and workers’ compensation costs amount to $70 billion annually. We prevent those accidents from happening.
  • A sanitary workplace.
    From the production line to the loading dock, from the warehouse to the floor… We cover it all. You’ll always get the best quality from Mike’s Pressure Cleaning.
  • Customized solutions.
    Your workplace is unique. We deliver services that reflect that. All of our industrial cleaning solutions are customized to meet your property.

Our solutions span:

  • Concrete Cleaning
  • Floor Cleaning
  • Pressure Washing
  • Equipment Cleaning

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