Rust Removal

Georgia is a great place to call home. Unfortunately, rust thinks so, too. Our temperate, humid climate creates ideal conditions for those red streaks and the result isn’t pretty. Mike’s Pressure Cleaning eliminates rust – for good – with our professional Rust Removal solutions.

Rust removal

The Problem with Rust

It’s a given that rust is an eyesore. Triggered by metal and fertilizers that come into contact with water, it’s also a really stubborn issue. Some discoloration is also caused by battery acid stains, which cast a bright orange stain across the affected surface.

A good scrub won’t do - rust locks itself into concrete, making it virtually impossible to remove without professional expertise. That’s where Mike’s Pressure Cleaning can help. Our rust removal and battery acid stain removal services help you win the fight against this unwanted buildup!

F9: Our Rust Removal Solution

F9 BARC is the only solution that can remove rust stains and buildup without exposing your surfaces to harm. Unlike many conventional rust removers, F9 won’t eat away at your hardscapes, so you can enjoy an uncomplicated and restored final result. We achieve:

  • Stain removal
    Unlike other cleaners, F9 is designed specifically to address rust removal. It penetrates surfaces, extracts rust debris and stains, and leaves the area looking fresh and beautiful.
  • Rust prevention
    A solution is only as good as it is long-lasting. F9 completely removes the stain and associated buildup to minimize the risk of rust cropping up again.
  • Safety
    F9 allows us to bring a deep-penetrating solution to the areas that need it most. The unique solution won’t harm your property, your groundwater, or your landscaping.

It’s also versatile. We safely and effectively use F9 on concrete, asphalt, siding, roofing, bricks, stone, and more. The process is clean, reliable, and powerful: It typically removes 100% of staining so you get your property as it should be.

Rust removal

Your Rust Experts

There are a few different reasons that a rust problem could be breaking out on your property. During our cleaning process, we assess the area to determine the source and make recommendations on how to prevent further contamination.

Rust stains can impact the curb appeal and functionality of your home. With our proactive cleaning approach, you can feel confident that your property is in safe hands.

Why Trust Mike’s Pressure Cleaning

We know what a headache a rust problem can be - and we know that it can feel like there’s no solution.

That’s why we are committed to using the most effective rust removal solution on the market. Our F9 application system is the only approach that is proven to bring complete restorative results to affected surfaces. You can count on:

Rust removal

Honest service

We work hard to have relationships with our customers built on trust. That’s why we bring honest hard work and a transparent service to every property we serve.

Dependable quality

Dependable quality

Customers come to us because they know they can always expect the best results in the greater Savannah area. We make each service count, and the outcome shows.

Leading Technology

Leading technology

Every soft wash service integrates the leading equipment and cleaning detergents. It’s just another way that we make sure you’re getting the best solution possible.

Optimized Results

100% satisfaction guarantee

Customers can feel confident that they’re getting a great service from Mike’s Pressure Cleaning. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee is one more way that we vet our house washing solution.

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