Commercial Concrete Cleaning

You run a solid business, you deliver exceptional customer service, and you’re committed to bringing the best quality to every customer. So doesn’t it make sense that your property should reflect that? How does a Concrete Cleaning service help?

Mike’s Pressure Cleaning provides commercial concrete cleaning services that will help your business stand out as a professional, dedicated industry leader.


Taking the Potential of Your Concrete to a New Level

If you own a business, it’s likely that your property gets plenty of vehicles and people rotating in and out. Combine this with the natural elements and you’ve got a serious issue for concrete. Without regular maintenance, it doesn’t take long for your hardscapes to suffer. Issues to look out for include:

  • Organic buildup from trees, mold, and other elements of nature
  • Grease and oil from vehicles
  • Chewing gum and other hard-to-remove disposals

This kind of wear and tear is beyond your control, but the Mike’s Pressure Cleaning team has a solid solution for it. Our pressure washing solution is formulated to restore the beautiful condition to your hardscapes.

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Pressure Washing Results

Mike’s Pressure Cleaning provides professional concrete cleaning services that will refurbish curb appeal and put your “best property” forward.

There are a few elements that are necessary non-negotiables in any effective pressure washing service. We integrate all of them by offering:

  • Cutting edge pressure washing equipment
  • Industry-approved cleaning solutions
  • State of the art concrete cleaning methods

With friendly professionals and authentic expert service standing behind each concrete cleaning service, you’ll never have to wonder what kind of results you’re getting from our team. We:

  • Completely clean your parking lot, sidewalk, garage, and more
  • Boost curb appeal to accomplish a flawless first impression
  • Lengthen the life of your concrete
  • Prevent slip-and-fall accidents due to buildup

We’ll bring a soft washing service to the following exterior and siding materials:

  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Stucco
  • Brick
Commercial cleaning

Our Concrete Cleaning Process

Dirty concrete can be a formidable opponent. Mike’s Pressure Cleaning has the professional experience and specialized equipment that it takes to come out as the winner against eyesores that are bringing down your driveways, parking lots, and more.

Our team uses pressure washing to remove buildup, stains, and discoloration. This method, combined with a special combination of cleaners, can remove everything from car oil to gum.

Your On-The-Job Experts

We know how important clean hardscapes are to the success of your business. For eighteen years, Mike’s Pressure Cleaning has been providing solutions for commercial property owners in the greater Savannah and Hilton Head region. We care about your success.

When it comes to the cleanliness of your concrete, we don’t take “no” for an answer – and that’s why you’ll always get a spotless and visitor-friendly property.

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Honest service

We work hard to have relationships with our customers built on trust. That’s why we bring honest hard work and a transparent service to every property we serve.

Dependable quality

Dependable quality

Customers come to us because they know they can always expect the best results in the greater Savannah area. We make each service count, and the outcome shows.

Leading Technology

Leading technology

Every soft wash service integrates the leading equipment and cleaning detergents. It’s just another way that we make sure you’re getting the best solution possible.

Optimized Results

100% satisfaction guarantee

Customers can feel confident that they’re getting a great service from Mike’s Pressure Cleaning. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee is one more way that we vet our house washing solution.

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