Pool Deck Cleaning

Sunny days in the South should be spent by the pool. Mike’s Pressure Cleaning provides pool deck cleaning services that keep the best part of your property safe and beautiful rain or shine.

Hardscape projects utilizing pavers and walls manufactured by Belgard Hardscapes. Projects located in Georgia.

Why We Prioritize Pool Deck Cleaning

By virtue of its purpose, your pool deck tends to get exposed to a lot of moisture. Kids and adults are diving in and out of the water, and it’s only natural that splashes sometimes escape from the confines of the pool.

A little bit of water is inevitable — But if it doesn’t get addressed, it can trigger issues like mold, mildew, algae, and other problems. The result is ugly. But it’s also a safety risk.

We advocate regular pool cleaning to:

  • Prevent slip-and-fall accidents
  • Stop deck erosion
  • Improve stability and traction
  • Boost curb appeal

With professional help from the team at Mike’s Pressure Cleaning, your backyard will be ready for face any pool party. We focus on a service that strips away buildup, removes stains, and projects a bright and beautiful shine for your entire deck surface.

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Our Pool Deck Soft Washing Solution

A house isn’t just four walls and a roof. It’s more than a building – It’s the place that you call home. Mike’s Pressure Washing helps your property project and maintain a clean, welcoming atmosphere. Whether you’re standing on the curb or at the front door, we promise that “WOW!” reaction when your using our House Washing service.

Your pool deck needs a powerful approach in order to restore its appeal and safety. But it also needs something that will protect the quality of your wood or concrete surface. Mike’s Pressure Cleaning uses soft washing to thoroughly clean the affected area. This allows us to remove all buildup… Without hurting your deck in the process.

Mike’s Pressure Cleaning uses soft washing and pressure washing to thoroughly clean the affected area. This allows us to remove all buildup… Without hurting your deck in the process. Our technicians use a combination of cleaning detergents to:

  • Kill algae, mold, and mildew
  • Remove dirt and other stains
  • Eliminate slick or slip-prone debris

We have the capability to apply pressure washing for flatwork and hardscapes, as this technology has the power to combat those especially bad stains. Soft washing is used as needed for softer surfaces that need a deep clean without the force.

With professional service from Mike’s Pressure Cleaning, your pool deck will be a beautiful asset to your home -- and a safe one, too.

Pool Cleaning Experts: Why Choose Mike’s

For nearly 20 years, Mike’s Pressure Cleaning has been Savannah’s source for pool deck cleaning solutions. There are a few reasons that we stand out as a community expert for our homeowners, and they all come down to our commitment to your satisfaction:

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Dependable quality

High-quality equipment

Our service is only as good as the tools we use to get the job done. All of our pressure washing service includes the best technology available.


… And powerful cleaners, too

We heighten quality with cleaners designed to kill bacteria, remove stains, and brighten your surface.

Optimized Results

Service that is 100% guaranteed

We strive to enhance your property with services that you’ll always be pleased with. Our Satisfaction guarantee is one very important way that we ensure that.

We’re committed to the safety - and the satisfaction - of our customers. With Mike’s Pressure Cleaning, you’ll always feel comfortable that your pool is ready for every sunny day ahead.

Protect Your Pool (And Yourself!)

Every year, more than 150,000 slip-and-fall accidents occur around the poolside. It makes sense: If a pool deck isn’t properly maintained, it becomes a magnet for slimy and slippery growth.

Regular cleanings are the best way to protect the long-term quality and safety of your pool deck and all of its visitors. We recommend an annual cleaning before swimming season kicks off retain quality and condition.

A clean pool deck pays off. When you trust Mike’s Pressure Cleaning for your property’s needs, you’ll get a picturesque pool environment and safeguard the wellbeing of anyone who enjoys this special space. Get your free estimate to enjoy the best part of your Georgia home to its fullest!

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