Commercial Building Washing

You’ve got the blink of an eye to make a great impression. Mike’s Pressure Cleaning makes sure that you make the most of that sliver of time, and deliver a professional image to prospective and existing customers alike. Our building washing solutions are designed to make your property look great and maintain it throughout the year.

Your home isn’t just a combination of four walls. It’s comprised of a driveway, sidewalk, siding and a porch. It would be useless without a roof, and it relies on the character of its landscaping to truly stand out. Let our Residential Pressure Washing help it truly stand out.

Our Promise for a Better Building

Building exteriors attract a lot of wear and tear. They get everything from dirt to mold growth, from black streaks to seemingly inexplicable stains. Our job is to remove the grime and uncover the just-like-new result that's hiding underneath.

With our commercial building washing service, you'll always get:

  • A mold, mildew, algae, and dirt-free exterior
  • A crisp and clean first impression for your business
  • Siding that lasts longer and resists discoloration and fading

How We Transform Your Business

Our customers are busy. They have a business to run, and they don't have time to waste. We provide effective and streamlined solutions that restore your property. Using specialized cleaners, Mike's Pressure Cleaning removes stains and buildup, so your siding is free of mold, mildew, dirt, and other eyesores.

We're also completely committed to soft washing. This is how we achieve great results that always protect the quality of your investment, so you can enjoy beautiful results today and into the future. Soft washing is safe for vinyl, wood, stucco, and every other exterior surface.

It only takes a second for a passerby to make a first impression. But when your business is in the hands of Mike's Pressure Cleaning, you'll always come out looking like a winner. Get more loyal customers and a better property with our building washing services and start with your free estimate.

Expert Commercial Pressure Washing

Every building exterior is different. And whether you manage a car dealership, an office, or a retail center, we have a custom pressure washing or soft washing solution for you.

After you complete your free quote, we kick off your building washing service with a preliminary inspection to determine our project implementation. After assessing the surface material and condition, we approach your project using one of two methods:

House and driveway in suburban neighborhood

Pressure Washing

ideally suited for concrete buildings. This powerwashing approach is a reliable way to penetrate the surface to remove stains, streaks, and other buildup and debris. Our advanced equipment is the perfect match for eyesores and other issues on your exterior.


Soft Washing

is an effective fit for vinyl, wood, composite, and some stucco. This method uses equipment that distributes our cleaning solution at a safe, low pressure. It won’t hurt your material - and it will deliver those curb appeal friendly results.

Offering two cleaning methods is one of the best ways that we can bring you great quality and impeccable results -- today and into the future.

What Our Clients Say