Equipment Cleaning

Behind every successful worksite is equipment that can get the job done. Mike’s Pressure Cleaning delivers superior solutions that help your business’s greatest ally maintain its quality, productivity, and reliability. Let Mike’s Pressure Cleaning proving you with your Equipment Cleaning.

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Taking a Stand for Your Investment

Your heavy equipment isn’t there for show. You put it to work - and you expect the best performance every step of the way. But perpetual wear and tear will make an impact. It’s vitally important to invest in heavy equipment cleaning regularly to preserve the performance and appearance of your machinery.

Professional pressure washers at Mike’s Pressure Cleaning have the training, experience, and equipment needed to protect your heavy equipment. We use advanced technology to help your machinery where it needs it most.

What We Deliver in Equipment Cleaning

Our team appreciates that your equipment isn’t just another part of your property. It’s a significant investment… And often, it’s an investment that secures the smooth workflow of your business.

Mike’s Pressure Cleaning provides specialized services that address the linked needs of your equipment and machinery. We deliver:

  • Industry knowledge that ensures your equipment is handled safely and correctly
  • A careful pressure washing and hand cleaning approach that safeguards the quality and complexities of your equipment
  • Grime removal that eliminates dirt, grease, and other buildup that compromises the quality and functionality of your equipment
  • Professional first impressions that projects a “best self” for your business

We have invested in the best pressure washing solutions to protect the machinery that you rely on to get the job done. With industry-leading power washing technology behind us, there’s nothing we can’t do.

Before any service kicks off, we take time to inspect your heavy equipment at hand. This allows us to take into account the make, manufacturer, and other specifications that will dictate the approach we take to your cleaning solution. We believe in bringing you the best solution - and this tailored method guarantees it.

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Your Business's Biggest Fan

Mike’s Pressure Cleaning has been serving the Low Country for nearly two decades. We’re immensely proud to work with our clients - and we’re inspired that we can be a part of your business’s success.

Our equipment cleaning is designed to help your business succeed in every way - from a professional first impression to improved functionality, from lasting quality to better efficiency.

With a 100% satisfaction guarantee guiding every job we do, Mike’s Pressure Cleaning won’t leave your property until we are confident that we’ve brought the best quality to you.

And when you add to that our convenience-based scheduling, you’re getting an optimal result - and you’re getting it with service that won’t disrupt your operations. This is work on your timeline… And quality that always excels.

Why Trust Mike’s Pressure Cleaning

We know what a headache a rust problem can be - and we know that it can feel like there’s no solution.

That’s why we are committed to using the most effective rust removal solution on the market. Our F9 application system is the only approach that is proven to bring complete restorative results to affected surfaces. You can count on:

Our Heavy Equipment Cleaning Promise

You rely on your equipment. And we want you to rely on us to provide it with the specialized care it needs to look great and get the job done. When you choose Mike’s Pressure Cleaning, you aren’t just getting cleaner equipment – You’re getting better equipment.

Our team provides heavy equipment and machinery cleaning and power washing solutions for

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Fleet and Transportation Vehicles

Industrial Machinery

Warehousing Equipment

Agricultural Equipment

Construction Equipment

With a commitment to quality, efficiency, and honesty, we’re proud to bring the best in equipment cleaning solutions to you.

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